Monthly Archives: January 2014

Back again!


Okay, so its’ been a pretty long time since I updated this. I’ve been very, very busy doing very important and professional things. (Lol, nope, I forgot my password XD) But I’m back now, until I forget my password again Until I have to because of my hectic life.


So, what has everyone been up to? Not like anyone’s going to answer D: Forever alooooone…..


Anyways, I’m getting back to what I used to do, which is, of course, give you random songs to listen to! The first one is a brony song. I know, I know, but give it a chance! Even if you aren’t a brony, this song is lurvely 🙂

Not going to do a second song. Why? Because….. Because I’m not. Yes. That’s why.

Byeee :3