I’ve been nominated for something called the Versatile Blogger Award, which is basically a thing for unique blogs and stuff. I was awarded by this awesome person: (Sorry I’m not clever with links and stuff…)

So now I have to tell you seven things about myself? Mkay then…

1. My Favourite band is My Chemical Romance.
2. I’ve been making up this world in my head since I was six so that now I have an insanely complex universe with politics and religions and wars and EVERYTHING.
3. My teacher thought that I liked Cliff Richard until I showed him all the badges on my bag.
4.I have a cat that sits on my shoulder and stays there like a parrot when I do stuff around the house.
5. I used to have a crush on Jack Frost from Rise Of The Guardians. (SHUTUPICANSEEYOUJUDJUNGMEDONTJUDGE)
6.I love to draw anime, even though I can’t.
7. I have the weirdest dress sense in the universe because I like to confuse people.

I will think of who to nominate for the award thing later when I actually follow that many people. D:

Until then, byeeeeeeeeeeeeee 😀


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