I fail at a film review


Me again and stuff.


So, because of it being the Easter Holidays *yay* I’ve been doing more interesting stuff over the past few days. One of these interesting things is watching films/movies/whatchemacallems.

First I went to see Divergent, which most of you have heard of probably almost definitely maybe. I’d seen loads of stuff about it and people talking about it on the interweb that I thought “Why not?” So I went out with a couple of friends to see it. By about fifteen minutes in, I was Tris and my friend was Christina. Do you think I would make a good Tris? I would totally be a good Tris what with my amazing weaponry skills and not-afraid-of-heightness.


I think I nearly fell off my seat once because of all the THRILLING ACTIONNESS, (Yay more capslock :D) and there were also quite a few cool plot twists which made it more awesome.


Then I FINALLY (capslock count: 2) bought Frozen which I had been wanting to buy for ages because I didn’t get the chance to see it while it was in the cinemas.

My only problem with it was that I already knew all the songs off by heart, and without knowing the storyline I got myself really hyped for it. I think that if I didn’t try to raise my expectations too much, I would have liked it a lot more.

But Idina Menzel was in it, so y’know, all forgiven. She has been my idol since I first saw her on Glee doing that duet thing as Rachel’s mother. (YES I WATCH GLEE DON’T JUDGE ME…..Capslock count: 3)

So I’m sorry to be like everyone else at the moment, but my song for today is this one. And It is the PROPER VERSION.(4) Not Demi Lovato’s. Because that one isn’t musical theatre enough.



Also, what character would you guys be if you could be any fictional character? I probably wouldn’t be Tris, really. Probably Max from the Maximum Ride series. Or Ella, also from Maximum ride. ‘Cause y’know, Iggy…

*Cough cough* ANYWAY. (5)

See ya later, interweb 😀



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