My world



So after looking at the thing I did about procrastination, it made me realise how much time I spend in my head instead of the actual world. And I know that sounded a bit weird, but let me try and explain.

Ever since I was little, I’ve never really had imaginary friends. Or rather, I did, but I didn’t believe in them like some people do/did. Instead, I would create this world where normal people would sometimes get dragged in and become gods/vampires/angels/fairies/whatever I was obsessed with at the time. But over time it sort of grew.

I was clever for my age (not bragging, or anything :D) and I was especially big on reading. As I read more stuff, I began taking small stuff from the books I liked and putting them in my world. This grew to films, TV shows, or even stuff that happened in real life. And I still do it.

Now it’s huge with countries and wars and religions and politics, and I know it isn’t exactly normal, but to be completely honest, it’s fun. I can do anything with my individual characters, make them go on crazy adventures or just make them have a medieval family drama. And it sort of feels cool that so many people and things came from one person, and that the one person isn’t J.K. Rowling, or Suzanne Collins.

Anyone else do this?? Maybe it’s actually normal, but nobody talks about it.

…Or maybe I’m just weird.

And now the music.

This song isn’t usually my sort of music at all, but it just makes me feel all warm ‘n fuzzy inside. :3

Owl City- To the sky:

Seeeee yoooooou…..



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