Video games



*Answer: The sky.*

Haven’t really been doing much, really. FINALLY GOT PORTAL 2!!!!

Ahaha well done, only three years behind the rest of the world…

Whatever. Anyway, so I’ve been playing a lot of that recently. And Skyrim. It sort of made me realise how much of a gaming nerd I am. I’m not as bad as my brother, though. He plays all the games that I do on top of Minecraft. Anyone who has video-gaming brothers will know how much time that takes.

Hint: A lot.

Why am I writing so much in italics?? Maybe it’s my subconscious. Meh, don’t really mind, I guess.


My friend and I have recently gotten hold of a record player. Also lots of 70’s rock. Put them together, and apparently you get Thin Lizzy. Here is Jailbreak:

Can’t be bothered to do a secret song.

Byeeeeeeeee 😀



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