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Everyone has their own hawks




So I was talking to my friend earlier, when I noticed that she had drawn some birds on her hand, a bit like Tris’s tattoo in Divergent. When I asked her why she had drawn it, she said it had the same sort of symbolic meaning as Tris and Tori’s, reminding her of what she had overcome and left behind.

It made me think that everyone has their own hawks, (The bird on Tori’s tattoo) and in some way or another, there is something that they’ve overcome, whether it’s a fear, a loss or a big change.

But I think it should be a thing. She had draw four birds instead of three, because she had overcome four things. So maybe if it was a thing, there would be some people with four or five, and some with hundreds. 

So maybe it shouldn’t be a thing.

I’ve been feeling philoslothical today.


Recently, I’ve been able to relate to this one a lot. I don’t like much of Paramore, but this is my favourite song of theirs that I can relate to the most. Ignorance:

And another one. I like musicals 😀

Bye and stuff.