Oh god why am I such a blogging noob…




Cringecringecringecringe. Just looked at some of my older posts. Oh sorry, PAGES. I thought that posts were pages when I started this and now I can’t be bothered to take them off. It was only when I saw other people’s blogs and I was like “Why doesn’t anyone have many pages? I have LOADS of pages! Is this a new site? Do people not blog much on this thing?” *Facepalm*

I also didn’t know what tags were until I saw other people’s blogs. I was happily typing, being all “yay me, woo such a prooo! Wait, why no followers?” So that one took a few months to get my head around.

And damn, I was obnoxious a year ago! And I had really tacky taste, as well. I thought that typing like a five year old was definitely the best way to get people to follow me. (Because who doesn’t like people that type like five year olds?) I tried way too hard to be funny and “cute” which I now realise reeeaaaly doesn’t suit me. Here are a couple of gems I found:

“Of course, if you saw five idiots shouting: !THIS STICK IS ON FIRE!!!!! You would be worried. We left quickly.”

“Todays song is…….*drum roll please* Macklemore’s “Can’t hold us”. It isn’t the lyrics, but the backing track, and all the bits where it slows down. SO NICE.”

“Welcome, oh stranger! To the mystical and mysterious world of kitsnotes *insert strange ringmaster laugh here* So, you came for more? Well, you shall have it…MWAFAFHAHAAAAAAA! *Insert laugh again, with slightly creepy grin* So, yay! Iv’e lasted another day, which is always wins 🙂 .”

“OMG Ed Sheeran+Florence and the machine+Fun+Bastille=LOVE”

And then there was my constant referencing to loneliness which was sorta pathetic…

“Yesh, I am back for a third page. So, wuu2? (like anybody will answer 😦  still, worth being polite and asking, eh?)”

“So, what has everyone been up to? Not like anyone’s going to answer D: Forever alooooone…..”

“Did NOBODY see my other page “look on the bright side”?!?”

But then there was one phrase which sort of sums up this whole blog: “Your welcome. Just making the interweb more odd. One post at a time :3”


No I’m not emo. My life isn’t hard, or bad. I just like this song, okay? Last Resort – Papa Roach: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=20jvV-BPNSk

And this one won’t really be a secret one but MCR ON YO GABBA GABBA WEARING SNOW STUFF AND SMILING! (Apart from Mikey, obviously.)  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghAE21nLib0

…If it didn’t make your day, then it made mine.



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