Wow sleepovers are underrated



So I have just gotten back from my first sleepover which wasn’t really a sleepover as I couldn’t get to sleep.

Was it because we were playing “twoof or dair”? No. It was because I was squished up in an air-bed next to a dresser that squeaked whenever I tried to move so I stayed in pretty much the same position the whole night because I didn’t want to wake the others up and feel bad. It was only when Keys’ cat Tigger came in and took over my pillow that I decided there was no point trying to sleep.

He woke the others up five minutes later anyway.

I had brought some Tim Burton films over because me and Keys thought that it would be really good to make it into some sort of movie-night. They all loved “Edward Scissorhands” because who doesn’t, but when we got onto “Dark Shadows” they all got out their phones and started going on Instagram and Facebook and talking about people I don’t even know and bands I don’t even like and I felt sorta out of the loop because I don’t like most social media because it steals you identity and sells it and is EEEEEEVIIIIIIIIIIIL. I only really g on this site because it feels nice to know that people are listening but not in a really sappy way because I have friends and family that listen but you all know what I mean. Or maybe you don’t. Or maybe you do I don’t know any more this is me with no sleep I usually sleep quite a lot and now I am using no grammar and my mind is wandering off because it does that oops there goes my punctuation.

I’m not sure if I’ve told you about Keys. She is my best friend who reads fanfiction obsessively and introduced me to mcr and bvb and we just fangirl about everything when we’re together and we write songs and also stories ’cause why not. It’s an unlikely friendship between an emo and a hippy/scene/nerd (Idk what I am and I am fine with that) but somehow it works and neither of us question it.


I’m listening to the “Dark Shadows” soundtrack right now because I love it, especially the first song. This is “Nights in White Satin” by the Moody Blues :

And here is another one bacause why not.

Once again, I apologise for the bad grammar. 


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