Wow. So inactive.



Gah. Inactivity sucks. I always end up having really good ideas for a post and stuff to write, but the moment I get home my inner procrastinator is like:WHOOSH NOPENOPENOPENOPE NO DOING STUFF FOR YOU TV IS JUST TOO IMPORTANT SO SIT ON THE SOFA FOR A COUPLE OF HOURS, KAY?

Not kay. I’m also getting really annoyed with myself about Titch’s blog because I haven’t done anything in months but I don’t know what to write. So any help on that would be nice.

In the meantime, I’ve been reading more Black Butler, which is awesome as ever, and I noticed something about me and fictional characters. I go for the ones that practically nobody goes for. Sebastian? Nope.



I have a guy that sends fangirls screaming staring up at me from a page. But NO. OBVIOUSLY Snake is better. I don’t know why I like the weird ones, but it’s a pattern that has gone on for many years.

Fang? Psh. Iggy, obviously.

Will? Nope, Jem.

Tobias/Four? Uriah is a lot less grouchy.

Finn? Nuuuuuu he’s a cheat and Jasper is cuteeeer…

Marco? Marco is sorta boring. Bailey is more nicerer.

For the record, I prefer Peeta to Gale. But Finnick.

Okay, you can’t blame me for the last one. But this has been a pattern that has gone on since I was a kid. And I don’t particularly fancy any of these guys, but when it comes down to who I like more I just go for weirder ones.


Not doing songs today. Songs are stressful. However if it makes anyone feel any better, “American Idiot” was at number one fore Kerrang’s top 50 albums of 2000 onward.(catchy title, I know.) “The Black Parade” was second.

So go and listen to those. Both of them, the whole way through. They are my two favourite albums of all time, and it made me smile to see them appreciated.

Bai den.


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