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Postie Mcpostal post


…I genuinely don’t know what to write but just wanted to post something.

Sooo… Christmas? Christmas. I guess seeing as everyone else is talking about it I may as well start.
I quite like Christmas. I like cheesy christmas movies and feeling all warm and toasty by the fire and getting all excited on christmas eve. I also like snow, But sometimes there’s so much of it that it hurts your eyes. Of course in good old Britannia even a light dusting is a freakin’ natural disaster.
Hah! I know! I’ll talk about being British!

Apparently in the UK we’re quite up ourselves compared to other countries. I can’t really confirm this having not really been abroad much, but everyone else seems to think it. And what’s all this about the bad teeth stereotype? I don’t get it. We don’t all like tea, in fact most of my friends think it’s rank. Which brings us onto slang. We have a lot of strange words. I’ll give you a quick list:

Trousers- pants. And just to confuse you, we call underwear pants. Not sure if anyone else does that.

Chips- Fries. Just bigger and chunkier and a squillion times more delicious.

Chav- Offensive slang for a typically lower-class person who wears excessive amounts of gold jewellery, orange make-up, fake eyelashes etc. Normally listens to popular music.

Toff- Posh person. Opposite to a chav.Not used as much.

“Are you having a giraffe?”- Having a laugh. Cockney rhyming slang.

“A cuppa rosie-lee”- Cup of tea. More cockney rhyming slang.

Pavement- Sidewalk.

Scones- Do you guys call them scones? Big sort of cake/biscuit things with raisins in. Usually comes with jam and cream. Does the rest of the world even have scones? *gasp* What a sad world that would be…


Right. Aluminium. Pronounced al-yoo-min-ee-um. Not al-oo-min-um. It is spelt that way. This is just my opinion so don’t kill me plaz.


Listen to this. I like it a lot. Don’t know the band very well but I shall look at more of their stuff. This is “Ark” By We Are The Ocean :

And then there is this. Godammit mcr. I was revisiting their second album and I found this which felt like the most relatable thing I had heard in a long time and it pretty much summed up everything I felt but couldn’t put into words at the time. This is “Cemetary Drive” by My Chemical Romance. I couldn’t find a proper music video but this is somebody’s fanmade version:

See ya.

P.S. Keys? If you’re reading this, expect a Christmas card. We still all miss you.


Okay, so I have an actual excuse for being inactive this time…



So uhm yeah, read the title. The past few months have been a bit weird and I needed time to think stuff over. Wanna hear from the beginning? Of course you don’t. I’m going to tell you anyway.

So everything with Keys had finally been resolved, and she wrote me this speech which actually made me cry to apologise. I never cry. Then she told me that she was wrong to leave me in the way she did and some life stuff had happened while I’d been gone, and she was leaving school to join a new one for a fresh start.
So I thought well ok, we’ll still get to see each other, it won’t be too bad etc, etc. We hadn’t met up properly yet to talk things through, but I was almost certain that we would at some point. We talked for a few days via Teh Interwebs, and then it stopped. And that was the last I heard from her.
So I felt very Woe Is Me, got a bit depressed and was like that for a week or so.

Then there was more drama stuff. Two weeks after all the Keys Incidents, my closest friend at school ended it because I used her and obviously didn’t enjoy her company. So I thought mkay, bit childish but your choice.

AND THEN (This is the last bit, don’t worry) I had a week of performances and grades which was super stressfully busy, so I didn’t have time to blog.

So Yeah. There’s my life at the moment. Idk why I wrote all this down, but hey ho.


I’m only going to do one song today. This one is a folk song that I discovered once I realised that folk songs can actually be as eerie as rock songs. This isn’t the original, but it’s my favourite version by Show of Hands. It’s called “Crow on the Cradle” Enjoy: