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…And returning to the real world



So, after the last post I want to make things a bit lighter. However the thing is, this is called “Kitsnotes”. As in “Kit’s notes”. And for that very reason I think that I reserve all rights to post on random angsty shit because this is the only place where I can talk about stuff where I know that a) I can be anonymous and b) I know that even if they don’t care, people will read this. Somewhere.

You see, it has now got to the point where I’ll end up talking so much about so much that my friends will turn to me and say “Who are you talking to, me or yourself?” and I have to answer “Myself” because I don’t want them thinking I’m ranting on to them about things they probably don’t really care about. So instead of babbling on to myself in public about my “problems”, I’m going to share them with ALL YOU LUCKY PEOPLE. Aren’t you all just so glad that you decided to follow this blog? Ha ha..

I’m still trying to get over her. I tried to talk the other day but I got “unfriended” on facebook so I got the message and shut up. I don’t know what I did. How did it change so quickly?

I remember one day her dad bought this old record player down and we put it in her room and listened to Thin Lizzy. She had never heard them before and the way her face lit up when the first song came on was priceless. We used to create our own killjoy characters and choreograph a music video for every song on the “Danger Days” album. We would skype each other almost every day after school for ¬†up to two hours and come in early to hang out. She was my first real best friend, and I know that my problems can’t even compare to most people’s on this planet but right now I don’t think I have ever hated or missed someone so much at the same time.

There we go. Rant over. And I’m sorry, but expect more like this in the future.

SONGSSS (these may not be to everyone’s tastes):

I have listened to this song since I was little via my parents, but only started liking it recently. It is called “Chop Suey” by Sysytem Of A Down.

The next one is one that I discovered via youtubing the song above. It has some swears in it so if you dislike bad words then don’t listen. “Killing in the Name” by Rage Against The Machine.

That is all.