Monthly Archives: April 2015

I’M BACK (Again. Sorry)


So hello again.

I am back. No longer sad. That is good.

There, so that’s out of the way. Recently loads of sorta cool stuff has been going on so I thought I’d write about it and get some positive posts back on here. I’ve been inactive because of these positive things. These things include:

1. Got the main in the school musical

2. Won a local contest

3. Soon to be playing a local festival, thanks to local contest

4. Have recorded backing for an album

5. Been back in touch with some real friends who have managed to pull me through.

I’ve decided that being friends with my fellow females probably isn’t a good idea. I’ve always got along better with guys, and when I thought I needed to turn to “The Girls”, it was actually my guy-friends that helped me out and cheered me up. The girls ignored me when I tried to speak and revealed jokingly that some days they dreaded coming to school because they would have to talk to me.


But stuff them I don’t need friends when I have Netflix. And via Netflix I have American Horror Story and Tokyo Ghoul. Via them I have Kaneki and Tate. So, haha yea dey better be jellie.

Ooh while I’m here: THE MAX RIDE MARVEL WTF.

For any of you that read a lot of the stuff I write, I reeaally like Maximum Ride. Especially Iggy. So when I realised they gave Iggy curly hair and acne, my heart sunk. I was hoping that the characters would look a bit like they did in the manga but a little more realistic, although apparently I was wrong. Then again, if they made Max a redhead and gave her weird robot-wings I really don’t know what I was expecting.

Anyway, songs:

Bear with me on this one. I have recently discovered vocaloids. If you don’t know what those are, then RUN. You will either absolutely hate them or become addicted to their songs. There is no between.

I guess I like them because I can feel a bit feminine when I listen to them. Most of the stuff I do tends to be a bit more on the boyish side, so it’s fun sometimes to jump around a bit to Japanese electro-pop. Idk, maybe it’s just me.

I have previously mentioned AHS in this post. Well I’m currently nearly done with Asylum and while I was watching it this morning it suddenly turned into Glee for two minutes. It made me smile.