Monthly Archives: April 2016

Something different


I am attempting

Something different

A different format.


I’m not sure. It feels easier to write this way.


I don’t know whether this classes as poetry or not

Because let’s be honest

Anything can be poetry, really.


I’m thinking that maybe this will make it easier

and quicker for me to blog.


This feels like how I speak

And it is comforting and more

Honest?? I can express

Myself through the rhythm of the words.


I am trying this.


Hi! It me!!


Yep yep, hello people.

I decided to come back because…? I finally remembered my password??

After a crazy long hiatus, I can happily say that I’m back. I learned a bit more about blogging for good ol’ tumblr ( it’s insertgeneric, hit me up people) and I no longer type like a deranged scene kid. So we’re all good on that front.

I’m also a bit more… Emotionally stable?? The last time I made a post on this was when I was getting better, but still in a bad state of mind. I’m out of that for the time being, and generally content with that. I want to actually start being regular on this thing for once, so that I have something in to timetable and schedule and shiz. I’m writing again because I need more structure.

So, what has happened? Well I’ve become a generic tumblr user for one. I’m even more pretentious than I previously was, and now have a refined taste for social justice and dank memes. But in all seriousness, I started a band and am currently launching a career, I managed to come out to friends and family, and actually made friends that weren’t in any way abusive. wOW well done me A*.

But this is just a heads up that no, sorry, I’m not dead, and yes I will start blogging regularly again. I am so, so sorry.

Kitt out