Hi! It me!!


Yep yep, hello people.

I decided to come back because…? I finally remembered my password??

After a crazy long hiatus, I can happily say that I’m back. I learned a bit more about blogging for good ol’ tumblr ( it’s insertgeneric, hit me up people) and I no longer type like a deranged scene kid. So we’re all good on that front.

I’m also a bit more… Emotionally stable?? The last time I made a post on this was when I was getting better, but still in a bad state of mind. I’m out of that for the time being, and generally content with that. I want to actually start being regular on this thing for once, so that I have something in to timetable and schedule and shiz. I’m writing again because I need more structure.

So, what has happened? Well I’ve become a generic tumblr user for one. I’m even more pretentious than I previously was, and now have a refined taste for social justice and dank memes. But in all seriousness, I started a band and am currently launching a career, I managed to come out to friends and family, and actually made friends that weren’t in any way abusive. wOW well done me A*.

But this is just a heads up that no, sorry, I’m not dead, and yes I will start blogging regularly again. I am so, so sorry.

Kitt out


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