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Needless to say,

I will be more regular from here on out

Expect at least a post a week

Sorry for the inactivity,





I have a friend

Called Jordan

They live in the US.

For those of you that may be confused,

I do not live there.

I am very British.

Tea and crumpets,

And all that.


Anyway, so

This friend


Is probably my closest friend right now.

Which kinda sucks

But is also cool.

Because it feels like there is somebody to talk to

From a whole different world.

If I gossip

It doesn’t have any repercussions

And the same goes for them.

I can talk freely

About ideas

Without ridicule

Without some body else telling me

“That’s ridiculous

Let’s talk about something else”

I can talk passionately about music


Books and poetry

And not be written off as a wannabe hipster,

Because they share this same passion.


Jordan lives in the middle of the US

(I know the state but I won’t tell)

They used to live in a big city until there was

a bad thing

And then they had to move to a paper town

“In the middle of fkujing nowhere”

As they they would say.

We talk every night

Usually over skype

About everything.


Sometimes this is a problem

Because I will stay up talking to them at ridiculous times

Like 2 in the morning

But in a way, it’s exciting.

Because the whole town is quiet

And I feel like I’m sharing

A moment

With them

In the stillness and the dark.

And the world becomes a safe place.


They have been through some stuff in the past

But we never talk about it

Sometimes they get really down

And I worry

But I know that in reality,

They’ll pull through.


It’s odd for me,

Having a friend like this

Caring platonically for somebody like this,

And wishing

With every fibre of my being

For their happiness.


That one day the sea will disappear,

And the land will grow close

So that I wouldn’t have to walk across an ocean

To finally see them

Face to face.