Monthly Archives: August 2016



Here lies a song

It was strummed,



To create a shrill dust.

Every soft note as dull and clear

As the last.

Here lies a song.

It was sobbed over

And joked about.

It inflicted fear and rage

And left everyone who listened light

And giddy.

Here lies a song.

It was written underneath a cloudy sky in a bedroom.

The chords mapped out as light screamed through the window of dawn.

The melody was shaped in a thunderstorm,

And the percussion was a river.

Here lies a song.

A song that was never written.

A song that was half-written.

It is nine minutes long.

Will you stay?

Will you listen?



Another list, of fear


My friends and strangers I am scared.

I am scared of holes in clusters

I am scared of insects in swarms.

I am scared of great heights,

But more than that I’m scared of falling.


However there is a difference between phobia and fear.

Phobia is the extremity of aversion, the knarled twist in your stomach.

Phobia knocks on your door, asks to come in.

Fear asks nothing.

You cannot hide from fear.

Fear is the slow creeping, the harsh jolt of a realisation

About one’s self.

It always finds you.

It always wins.


So what do I fear?

I fear that I will die out before people know my name

I fear that I will never live up to the expectations of others

I fear that I will one day hold no use to anybody.

I fear being alone.

Being too strange

Being a drifter

Being “unrelatable”, unable to socialise

I fear being discovered as the kid that writes shitty poetry

And actively enjoys Sylvia Plath’s work.

I fear abandonment

I fear what I am.

I fear what I am becoming.


But as for yourselves?

What is it you fear most?


It’s there.