Holy fuck ok.

So you can call me Kitt and know safely that I am not in fact called Kitt. I mostly post angsty shit about my life and also good stuff. I’m a generic teen, fight me. I also have a lot of ideas for stories/webcomics which I might occasionally post here??

I’m an aspiring musician who tries to live an aesthetic lifestyle but instead is a fucking mess and vaguely ok with that. If you’ve seen some of my older posts then I am sO SORRY because I was literally about twelve when I wrote those and nobody should be subjected to that.

So uh, yeah. I’m just a gay hippy that tries her best and if anyone wants to read about that then that’s hella cool beans, bro.

*finger guns*

((oh yh and follow my tumblr it’s insertgeneric I’m an attention whore that needs the followers to feel validated))


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